Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A "Ley Sinde" in th UK?

It seems like the United Kingdom is following our steps and now wants to end piracy on the network through a mecanisim similiar to the "Ley Sinde", with the difference that the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) want to close down the web pages directly without the resolution of a judge, neither a committee.

This mesure would mean that with the simple agreement between the broadband providers and the representatives of the music and film industries, the web pages that have copyrighted content could be obliged to stop sharing their content.

Though it is only a proposal, it is inevitable to compare it with our "Ley Sinde". For them who don't know, it intends to pursue all the web pages that allow direct viewing or downloading content like music, films or series without the permission of their rights owners. After months of debates and conflicts among the major political parties, although at first the bill was rejected in Congress, after the joint support of PSOE, PP and CIU, it was definetely approved last 15th of February.

The netizens, the most affected ones, have demonstrated to express their rejection to this approval and so did the affected websites, which before the final decision, in December, some of most important, such as cinetube.es and seriesyonkis.com closed down their sites during 12 hours against the law, showing a message saying that if the law was carried out that site will disappear, and encouraging people fighting for their freedom of speech.

The first direct consequence of the "Ley Sinde" has been the rejection of Álex de la Iglesia, the director of the Spanish Film Academy for two years, for not agree with the principles in which the law is based. In his speech on this year "Goya Awards" he remarked the importance of the public, without whom the movies wouldn't exist, and talked about the role played by the Internet in the society " the Internet is not he future, it is the present" http://http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjAg4pWxW0A

I'm sure there will be some other consequences, we only have to wait. Let's see what happens in the UK.

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  1. Alex de la Iglesia deserves an applause, and all the initiatives against the law do too. It is supposed that Internet is here in order to make a more equal world, to end un with the Digital Divide and to encourage freedom of expression, isn't it?
    I keep on saying what I used to say the first time I heard about Ley Sinde:what the have to do is to sell cheaper DVD's and CD's; then, we would see if things stay like they are now, talking about massive downloads...